Website is FINALLY undergoing major heavy construction.
As you can see, even Ethrea is, um, trying to help.
I don't think she quite understands how someone "builds" a website.
Well, her heart's in the right place, so...


News as of October 27th, 2017
Yesterday there was a problem with my patreon,
but fortunately it was taken care of by today it seems.
So, good job and thank you for fixing this quickly, Patreon!

I'll fix the Episode 3 screenshots once the convention I'm attending is over.

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Farnham Fables Unaired Pilot Episode

Farnham Fables Tape 1 on Steam

Farnham Fables Episode 1 on


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Screenshots for Episode 3 be back soon (ack, I used an outdated page to update)...
Due date: Soon I hope.


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